Experience means a lot

Our team is highly skilled in buying and selling real estate, we will help walk you through the process. Working with a well known and highly performing team of professionals means you will have the support and reassurance of the combined efforts of Team Mars.

Working for Your Best Interests

We guide you through the entire process, our dedicated agents will give you feedback, provide you with our knowledge and experience to support your decision making. We are available for you anytime, 7 days a week to answer any questions you may have.

Variety of Real Estate

For Team Mars, previous successes and results in Residential, Luxury, Lifestyle, Development and Commercial provide a fantastic selection of our latest listings and a variety of opportunities to choose from. Proven results from our extensive history of sales and happy clients all contribute to our hard work and dedication to our profession.

Individuality and Opportunity

Team Mars provides a platform for both International, National networks and business relationships. Our multi lingual team and multi marketing channels can reach the sellers and buyers in the market, with speciality designed plans and sources of opportunity for our clients. What works for one, may require a different approach for another, we enjoy the success these challenges bring.